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This site is for my petz although I will try to incorporate other things into it later. I'm just too busy as it is. For the fact I'm always getting more and more petz. e.e It's a bit hectic. I'm not much of a fan of realistic petz because I cannot stand the way they move. I hate it. I'm all for the classic petzy types. This site is for P4 and will always be for P4, mostly cause I don't like P5 and I've got to many petz now to go back to P3. P3 is my favorite though. I'm currently specializing in Great Danes. Also in the works are dalmatians (once I can get my lines as pure as my danes), CK Siberian Huskies, Chihuahuas, Karelian Bear Dogs, Calicos, Maine Coons, Trinkets, and Rats. It's a lot and it's going to take a lot of time, but I'm up to it.

Okay, I had fun with this background. I got really bored and played in paint shop pro for awhile. n.n Weeee. Reminds you of a candy store doesn't it???


November 23, 2007

x It's been so long since I've updated. x.x How horrible am I? I figure I'd update before Christmas struck though. Not much to update on, just letting everyone know that I was still alive. Not kicking much or anything, but alive.

x Adoptions are going to be up until the new year, after that they're going for auction or on the AAC.

x Going to be adding a new page soon. Movie Reviews. I see a lot of movies, and know how bad it can be to pick one out to watch and all that jazz. Trying that whole incorporating thing. I'll have that up soon.

New Additions:

Photo in frame is a collab by Olsen P.H.

and Handmade By Holly