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This is my corgi kid's page.

Bebop is my sable and white Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She was given to me for Valentine's Day from my boyfriend. When we went to go pick out a puppy from the breeder she was the only one that had an up ear and a down ear -- which is by all means adorable. We counted down the days until it was time to pick her up. We were scared we wouldn't be able to pick her up though, because the weather was unbearable and it wouldn't stop snowing at times. Finally the day came to go get her and take her home! Since then she's made best friends with my rat, Lewis and has learned how to play frisbee. Scroll down for facts and pictures.


1.) Her best friends are a rat named Lewis, and our other dog, Murphy.

2.) Her favorite toys include tennis balls, her soft frisbee, a barking puppet, and a scotty dog that she suckles on. Not a real dog.

3.) She has her own website on Dogster.

4.) She likes to eat flowers.

5.) Her birthday is the day before Christmas.

6.) Her favorite game is Frisbee.

7.) She can open the door at work by pulling on the lace on the bottom of the door.

8.) She had a habit of ripping the stuffing out of the couches and we've caught her putting the stuffing BACK into the couch.

Frisbee See me catching the frisbee!

My Dogster!

At the park with mommy!

Look at my pretty collar!

Wiped out from playing tennis.

Chewing on dad's shoestrings.