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This page is for you to learn about Ashleigh.

My name is Ashleigh. I work in Residential Care and it sucks. Next spring I hope to register for a dog grooming class and see how that goes.



I was born in?


My eyes are:


My height is:



It's brown/red/blonde and at my shoulders.

I was born on:


Do you have any siblings?:

2 brothers, 1 sister


My favorite Holiday is:


What is your dream job?


My favorite color is:

hunter orange

Favorite place:

anywhere outside with trees on a warm fall day

Favorite Song?:

Right now it's "Plastic Stars" by Freezepop

The all-time best movie(s) i've seen:

I couldn't tell you...maybe Mr. Brooks, or the 28 Days/Weeks movies

The all-time best feeling in the world is:

playing with a group of puppies

Favorite scent:

puppy breath

Favorite TV Show:

Late Night With Chelsea Lately


The last three cd's i bought were:

Freezepop "Forever", Jimmy Eat World "Bleed American", and the new Jimmy Eat World which sucks.

The worst sound in the world is:

Nails going down a chalkboard.

The worst pain I was ever in was:

(this is going to sound gross.) When I was in the hospital; I had a catheter in and had to use the bathroom once I woke up. For me to reach the toilet, I had to get my IV taken out which felt alright. Then I had to get it...back IN. It didn't last long, but it was so painful I didn't even want to use the bathroom for awhile because of it.

I am annoyed by:

a lot of things really: golf, football, lazy people that don't want to pay you back when you work their shifts, stupid people, my job, the manager of that said job, obese people that blame it on genetics, the news, and generally when things don't go my way I become annoyed.