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This is Murphy's page! Bebop's new brother.

Murphy's Story:

Murphy was adopted at our local pound. We went to find a new playmate for Bebop so that maybe we didn't HAVE to take her to work with us. Me personally, I don't trust that the clients wont get mad at one of us and take it out on them. I don't think they would; a couple might though. So we get to the pound and look at the rows and rows of dogs. Puppies; elders; big dogs, small, colorful, black.

Well I had a dog in mind already because I checked out the website. It was a jack russel mix. White with a black spot above her eye; like an eyebrow. I thought she'd be perfect! We get there, I pull her out and take her to an exercise pen. That dog, was SO hyper, even Bebop didn't want anything to do with her and Bebop drives me crazy with her hyper activeness.

So Chris picked out a little beagle puppy. He was cute I'll admit and Bebop liked him. However, we aint GOT the time to raise another puppy and I made sure Chris realized it. After realizing it, we figured we'd come back in a week and see what they had then. We were on the walkway out the door and from the corner of our eye we caught this little scruffy mutt with big corgi ears. You know how much we love those corgi ears.

So we brought him out. At first all he wanted to do was run around and pee on everything. Every blade of grass it seemed. After he was done though, him and Bebop ran around the pen excited. We filled out the form and waited until Friday. On Friday when we got him, he came in the room, saw us, and went spastic. We got the leash and headed towards the truck and he jumped right in and stuck his head out the open window. We knew from then he'd be ours.

Murphy wanting the ducks and geese at the lake.

UPDATES! Since moving in, Bebop and Murphy have become close. They play whenever we aren't sleeping and snuggle in their pen. They share their food bowl and will even lick each other. It's adorable.

Bebop and Murphy together at the park.

More pics of Murphy!

Murphy has a new haircut. Sorry ladies, he's taken.